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Results of Scanning the TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card

In an emergency situation, people can become traumatized, forgetful or simply unconscious. Who will provide all the necessary details to the emergency responder or to emergency room personnel? Especially in the case of seniors, when their care taker is not around, who will they contact for that information?

Unfortunately, accidents happen every few seconds. Are you and your loved ones prepared? It's vital to inform emergency medical personnel about allergies and current medications, to be sure that life-threatening medications are not administered to the wrong patient. For example, if someone is allegic to shellfish, they should not get a CAT-scan with dye contrast. If someone is diabetic, it's crucial for emergency personnel to know, so that the proper treatment is administered.

The TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card can quickly and easily provide emergency contact information as well as your blood type, and a summary of your allergies, medications, conditions, devices (such as a pacemaker) and immunization records, on the spot, to EMTs and physicians.

In addition to your medical record, The TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card also provides direct access to other important documents that your provide. You can save a Health Care Proxy document, that informs EMTs and physicians who can make medical decisions for you when you are not able. You can also save a Living Will, which provides information about your wishes for treatment in end of life situations. This is particularly important to seniors who've led a full life and want to be treated with dignity, according to their wishes.

Note: All the information that is shown to the EMT or medical personnel must be entered by you or someone that is responsible for your care.