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Results of Scanning the TellAMedic™ Senior Emergency Medical Card

What is it?

The TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card provides emergency medical personnel your important contacts and medical information in seconds. An EMT or hospital personnel can do a quick and easy scan of your unique QR-Code on the TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card, or simply enter your unique patient ID into the TellAMedic™ website, and retrieve the vital information without any operator intervention.

Why Seniors?

Seniors more often get confused or forgetful in emergency situations, when critical health information is most needed.

The TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card makes it easy to find out both important medical information, as well as emergency contact information for the patient.

What Information is Provided to EMTs?

The TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card can quickly and easily provide emergency contact information as well as a summary of your allergies, medications, conditions, devices (such as a pacemaker) and immunization records on the spot to EMTs or medical personnel.

All the information shown is data that you or your care-taker entered on the system, including any special notes about your emergency contact information.

Why is This Different?

There are a number of different services that separately provide emergency medical information through various means. Hardly any have the concept of providing that information through an automated system to reduce the time of retrieval to an absolute minimum, without phone calls, reading ID numbers and providing other information before being allowed to have the patient's critical emergency information.

No other system, however, has the combination of both a method for tracking your health on a daily basis coupled with an emergency card to retrieve that information in an emergency.

What Happens if My Card is Lost?

We all lose or misplace things from time to time. Losing the TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card is really not much different than losing other items in your wallet. And just like a credit card, you can disable the card immediately on the web site so no one can scan for the details. If you later find the card, simply activate it again on the website. If you believe that it is lost, you can order an exact replacement, or if your prefer, you can order a new ID, making the old card useless.

Who Provides the Information?

Recognizing that not all seniors use computers, the TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card information can be entered and maintained by those providing care for the senior patient. Additionally, that account owner will be notified via email when the card is scanned or the patient ID is entered into the system to retrieve the emergency information.

Sample Scan

sample scan details

Is Anyone Notified?

When anyone scans your TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Card, or enters your Patient ID into the TellAMedic™ Emergency website that is shown on the card, the owner of that account is sent an email notifying them that the emergency information was displayed. This allows the person responsible for caring for a senior patient to be notified that the senior is in trouble - even before the emergency personnel contact them.

What about Privacy?

We're extremely concerned about your privacy. We don't provide your email address, or any medical details to any other organization. See here for more information.

How Do I Get It?

That's easy. First, create a free account on our website to track your medical records, or download the free Android application. Then create as many patients as you like, filling in whatever information you want for each patient. Make sure to add the blood type and emergency contacts in the Emergency Information section. Finally, Click on the Feature Set icons on either the home screen or a patient screen and purchase one or more credits for TellAMedic™ Emergency Medical Cards. Once you do that, the system guides you through the process of customizing your card, which will then be mailed to you.